Centralized Management

The ClearPix Cloud Services (CCS) simplify managing your user accounts, group roles and permissions by providing these tasks online, at a centralized, secure location. Directly from the CCS website you can add, edit, or delete user access to any recorder. The changes are made automatically and apply to all impacted accounts and recorders. This simple web interface allows for a single sign on for all of your recorders by using only your email address and password. New recorders added to the CCS are automatically added to your account with instant access across all remote viewing software including the Clearpix full client, web browser client, or mobile app. No longer do you need to remember IP address of your recorders. Just one web page to manage your entire system, eliminating the need to maintain separate users and permissions for each recorder.

User settings and permissions are stored in the ClearPix cloud, removing the need to individually enter user information into mobile apps and/or remote software. This makes managing large numbers of role based users simple and pain free, reducing the cost associated with recorder maintenance. The ClearPix full featured Web client works with all major browsers including Safari, Firefox, Explorer, and Chrome. The CCS eliminates the need to install, update and maintain remote software on all your client PC’s. You can schedule, push, and manage software updates from the ClearPix cloud. There is no need to be on-site for any updates.