The ClearPix Emergency Notification System (ENS) system is the most effective critical incident notification system on the market. It is the fastest way to contact law enforcement and other first responders in an emergency when lives are at stake. In an emergency situation, seconds count. At the start of a critical incident, the time it takes to communicate with the first responders who are closest to the scene can make all the difference in the world.

ClearPix ENS system instantly transmits detailed messages directly to law enforcement officers and other first responders. The system transmits over the two-way radios already used by local law enforcement agencies and first responders. Instead of waiting for a dispatcher or call center operator to process the alarm, your call for help goes directly to first responders so they can react immediately. This can shave critical minutes off response times.

•Transmits unique, detailed messages to all hand-held radios and base stations in the radio network

•Alarms can also be sent as emails or text messages

•Messages are easily added or changed

•Available with a wide variety of sensors including panic buttons, tilt switches, trip beams, temperature sensors, door/window contacts and motion detectors

•Can be integrated with other security systems

•Compatible with VHF, UHF, 800 MHz or any other commercially available frequency

•Battery backup included

ClearPix ENS – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ClearPix ENS User’s Manual

ClearPix ENS Spec Sheet

ClearPix ENS – Peripherals