ClearPix Emergency Notification System – FAQ

How does the ClearPix ENS work?

The ClearPix ENS is a wireless Emergency Notification System. As soon as an alarm is triggered, a detailed message is transmitted over the two-way radios carried by the law enforcement officers who will be responding to the incident. There is no faster or more urgent way to contact law enforcement in an emergency. Alarms can also be sent by email, text message or telephone or PA intercom. Strobes and sirens can also be added to the system. The ENS can be integrated with other security systems for a comprehensive security solution. For example, it can play messages over your PA system, put your access control system into lock down or pull up cameras on your CCTV system.

Will the ClearPix ENS work with my radio frequency?

Yes, the ClearPix ENS can be integrated with analog, digital and encrypted radio networks.

What if I do not have a radio?

Alarms can be sent by email, text message, telephone, PA or to other security systems.

What is the range of the wireless buttons?

The range of the wireless depends on the facility. The range can be extended using repeaters.

Can the ClearPix ENS be integrated with my other security/building automation?

Yes, the ClearPix ENS has an open architecture and can be integrated with most other types of security and building automation systems such as VOIP, CCTV, HD Surveillance, PA, Card Access.

Is the system completely wireless?

The control panel and repeaters need to be plugged into standard electrical outlets. Otherwise, the system is wireless.

Can different alarm messages be transmitted over different radio frequencies?

Yes, each alarm can be configured to be transmitted over one or more of the radio frequencies for which the system is configured.

Can the ClearPix ENS transmit over more than one radio frequency?

Yes, the system can transmit alarms over up to four different frequencies.

What happens if we are speaking over the radio when an alarm is triggered?

The system has a courtesy hold-off and will wait for the channel to be free before transmitting.

Will the ClearPix ENS repeat the alarm message?

Yes, the system can be configured to repeat the message as many times as needed with a set delay between the repeats.

How do you record messages on the ClearPix ENS system?

You can record messages directly on the control panel or upload .WAV files to the system.

Can I have different information transmitted over the radio and the email/text or PA system?

Yes, different messages can be transmitted over different output devices.

Can the system be remotely programmed and diagnosed?

Yes, the system has a web interface which allows for remote viewing, configuration, and diagnosis.

What types of sensors work with the ClearPix ENS?

A wide variety of wireless sensors are available. Hard wired sensors can also be integrated with the system. Specialty sensors are available upon request.

Does the ClearPix ENS have UL certification?

Yes, it conforms to ANSI/UL 60950-1 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1.

Can the alarm messages that are transmitted when an alarm is triggered differ depending on the time of day?

Yes, each sensor can be scheduled so that different messages are transmitted depending on the time of day. For example, a door contact can be scheduled to just notify the office that a door has been accessed during the day, but can be set to notify security that there has been unauthorized access at night.

How many emails and text messages can the system send?

The ClearPix ENS sends emails and text message through your existing mail server and can send as many emails as your server can handle. Please note that it is not a mass notification system. Rather, the ENS notifies first responders and other affected personnel of an emergency so that they can take appropriate action and determine if a mass notification system should be triggered.

How long do the batteries in the wireless sensors last?

We recommend that all batteries be changed every two years.

How will I know when the batteries need to be replaced?

All of the wireless sensors that are used with the ENS are fully supervised and notify the system when they have a low battery. If any buttons or other sensors have a low battery, a supervisory alarm will be triggered.

How will I know if buttons are missing from the system?

All of the wireless sensors that are used with the ClearPix ENS are fully supervised. If any buttons or other sensors are not within range of the system, the system will note that they are not checking in as expected and a supervisory alarm will be triggered.

Can the ClearPix ENS provide a location for buttons that are being carried around a facility?

Yes, There is a location module available for the ENS which can provide area location with a facility or across a campus.

Is there a backup battery in the system?

Yes, the ENS control panel and repeaters include back-up batteries that will last for around one day depending on usage.

What is the warranty for the system?

The system comes with a two-year renewable warranty. The warranty can be extended at the end of the initial two-years, provided that our technician comes out to test the system at that time.

What is the capacity of the ClearPix ENS?

The ENS has the capacity to handle up to 10,000 unique messages.

Can a more powerful radio (e.g. a 40-watt car radio) be used with the ClearPix ENS to reach our tower radio?

Yes, the ClearPix ENS can be integrated with more powerful radios.