There is a widely held belief that video surveillance cannot work over wireless connections.

While this has been true of analog cameras,content from IP cameras can be reliably streamed over wireless links. Much of the belief that wireless will not work has to do with the fact that many people who DO NOT UNDERSTAND wireless either deploy the wrong tools, or deploy decent tools improperly, or more commonly… both.

ClearPix’s ClearWAN products provide the re-seller/integrator with a complete tool set that will allow us to deploy the appropriate wireless link that will be capable of carrying the video stream required, both in terms of throughput and the distances required.

These tools include wireless Point-to-Point (Pt2Pt) configurations, wireless Point-to-Multi-point (Pt2Mpt) configurations and the means to power and manage them remotely via Power over Ethernet (PoE) – enabling us to place the wireless infrastructure at the best possible point for transmission, while accommodating the IP cameras being placed in the best possible position for video coverage.

For more basic Wireless information please visit Wireless Essentials.ClearPix Wireless Unit

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