ClearPix Point to Multi-point Wireless Solutions

Wireless Point-to-Point is always preferable to wireless Point-to-Multi-point in terms of guaranteeing a video stream over wireless. However, there are scenarios where having clients in multiple physical locations makes more economic sense, and having each connected to a Point to Point is too expensive.

In our Point to MultiPoint scenario we are able to handle multiple video streams in which the Access Point/Collector uses a TDMA-like channel access method to increase the likelihood of all video streams being able to transmit successfully.

Base stations are typically deployed in either a 90 degree or 120 degree antenna configuration. A tighter beam width is always preferred; however in the event that 120 degree is needed for greater coverage – that option is also available.

Point-to-Multipoint scenarios can be effectively deployed in either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz depending on the RF environment, and distances needed.

The megapixel load of cameras needs to be considered in Point-to-Multi-point environments as it is unlikely that we will be able to connect to multiple 20 megapixel cameras in a Point-to-Multi-point setup. However, multiple 2 – 5 megapixel cameras have been achieved.


Key Features

5 GHz Band for High End Multi-Media
Point to Multi-Point
Pre-configured for your application
Up to 1 Mile Line of Sight
IP66 Outdoor Rated Enclosure
Up to 6 Remote Drops Per Base Station
Power Supply Included
One Year Warranty
Works with 180° and 360° Cameras
Up to Four 2 Megapixel Cameras Per Linkpeer to multi-peer