Powerful, scalable servers to simplify your IT needs.

ClearPix custom NVR solutions equips you with the reliable and efficient hardware for businesses of all sizes.

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ClearPix Quality

We only offer the best quality hardware for the best price.
No matter the size of the project, we have it all.

Two day shipping, not two weeks.

Simple, Smart, Afforable.

Powerful Performance, Maximum Scalability.

First year free monitoring

Two Day Shipping, Not Two Weeks

Thanks to our excellent supply chain ClearPix servers ship out in days, not weeks, so you get what you need faster.

Simple, Smart, Afforable.

Clearpix servers are built with ease-of-mind – quality hardware at reasonable prices is our mission.

Powerful Performance, Maximum Scalability

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to network servers. Our products meet the needs of any customer. From small businesses to enterprise, ClearPix servers are packed with performance and expandability options that will keep your customers going for years to come.

First Year Free Monitoring

System failures during critical events can keep system administrators up at night. ClearPix System Monitoring ensures that your system is running at peak performance around the clock