Clearpix 16 Port Appliance

Powered By Windows

1U Smart NVR

Where All Video Management Softwares Find a Home

The ClearPix appliance is a Windows-based machine that is VMS agnostic. We sell a turnkey solution for your project.

Budget- Friendly POE Appliance

Introducing simplicity and affordability in one sleek package. While others charge for their logo, our unit remains a well-kept secret, best kept to oneself. Enjoy the quality without the unnecessary markup. 

Powerful Plug and Play

Built-in 16 PoE ports with a max 150W budget, plus dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for uplink. No need for an extra switch or power supply. Simplify your surveillance infrastructure without compromising on quality.
IU Smart NVR PoE Appliance

What’s Inside

•Windows Based
•Storage Capacities of 8TB, 24TB, & 40TB

•16 PoE Ports with a Max 150W Budget 

•VMS Agnostic