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ClearPix custom NVR solutions equips you with the reliable and efficient hardware for businesses of all sizes.

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First Year Free Monitoring

D250 Series

D250 NVR Server

Compact Compute Made Simple

Increased performance, ability to scale, and simplify your installation with an entry-level 1U rack server.

Keep Your Data Safe

With a 5-year next business day “Keep Your Hard Drive”
warranty, your data is always protected. No more worrying about
data leaving your hands.

What’s Inside

•Expandable storage up to 60TB
•Expandable memory up to 128GB
•Powered by Intel Xeon

D350 Series

Unparalleled Performance

The R350 utilizes a six-core Intel Xeon E-2336 to provide
unparalleled performance in a space-saving 1U design.

Redundancy For All

With redundant power supplies, RAID 1 OS drives, and a RAID
5 array for storage, you can take a hit and keep on moving.
Combine this with our next business day warranty and hardware
failures are a worry of the past.

What’s Inside

•Expandable memory up to 128GB
•Powered by Intel Xeon

D550 Series

D550 NVR Server

Flexible By Design

Adapt to a variety of solutions with a 2-socket, 2U rack server
that offers and ideal balance of resources and affordability.

Maximum Visibility

With a built-in iDrac interface, gain the visibility and insight into
your hardware. Remotely monitor and manage your R550 server
even if it is powered off!

What’s Inside

•Expandable storage up to 120TB
•Expandable memory up to 512GB RDIMM
•Intel Xeon single or dual processor configuration.
•OS RAID 1, Data RAID 1,5,6,10

D750x Series

Big Storage, Small Price

The R750xs comes with 12 drive bays in a 2U design to
maximize storage to space efficiency. Expandable up to 200TB, it
is sure to provide the storage you need.

Seeing Double

Equipped with dual Intel Xeon Silver processor and 32GB of
RAM, the D750xs is more than capable of handling any task you
throw at it.

What’s Inside

•Expandable storage up to 200TB
•Expandable memory up to 1TB
•Powered by dual Intel Xeon Silver 4310T processors
•OS RAID 1, Data RAID 1,5,6,10

D740x Premium Series

Not So Premium Price

Our Premium line is fully capable of NVIDIA powered AI searching with up to 384TB. Seriously, that’s a beast of a machine for standard line prices.

NVIDIA Powered

Powerful enough to handle any machine learning AI thrown at it. Our Premium line is robust, powerful, and cost effective to handle your VMS’s analytical searches.

What’s Inside

•Expandable storage up to 320TB
•Expandable memory up to 1TB
•Powered by dual Intel Xeon Silver 4214R processors
•OS RAID 1, Data RAID 1, 5, 6, 10