ClearPix Surveillance Cloud Storage

Powered by Wasabi

Fastest Possible Disaster Recovery

Universal VMS Installer

Immutable Storage Capability

No Added Hardware

Flexible Data Migration Policies

Enabling Video Management Systems with Low-Cost, High Performance Cloud Storage

ClearPix Surveillance Cloud Storage powered by Wasabi effortlessly enables on-premise video management systems with the unlimited scalability and security of Wasabi cloud storage. With ClearPix Surveillance Cloud Storage, a once siloed VMS technology, instantly becomes cloud-aware without changes to existing operations.

ClearPix Surveillance Cloud Storage is a bundle offering which includes the WSC software application and Wasabi object storage subscription. End-user customers install the software on a local Windows Recording Server or PC to pair the VMS with a storage bucket in the Wasabi cloud.

ClearPix Surveillance Cloud Storage integrates with the designated VMS, automating the assignment of video data based on user-defined policies thus addressing various workflow challenges – from data storage costs, transparent data migration, and disaster recovery.

Using ClearPix Surveillance Cloud Storage, organizations keep the storage features that their on-premises cloud storage offers without ever running out of capacity. There’s no need to “rip and replace” your current solution. ClearPix Surveillance Cloud Storage enhances your existing operations by providing the ability to scale your solution on demand without the added storage burden.

Ease of Use and Installation

Installs in minutes by the end-user and runs automatically in the background. Pick your VMS from the dropdown menu with our universal installer. There’s no change to existing operations.

Increased Data Security

Facilitating a hybrid-cloud storage solution where data is kept both locally and in the cloud in case of a disaster. Clearpix offers data immutability where video cannot be modified or deleted in any way.

Cost-Effective Scalability

Organizations must worry about the burden larger video files plus long retention periods will have on their storage infrastructure. By using ClearPix Surveillance Cloud Storage powered by Wasabi users can archive video to the cloud at a low-cost with no hidden fee, freeing up space on their primary server.

Keep the features that your on-site solution offers without ever running out of storage capacity.

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