What makes ClearPix CWMS Different?

Centralized Management

Centralized Management allows an administrator to make changes in one location that then propagates to all other NVRs at the site.

Cloud Based

Never worry about remembering IP addresses again. With Cloud-Based access, just remember one URL for an entire site of NVRs.

Simple Sharing

Share exported clips in the cloud! Export your footage to the ClearPix Cloud Service and share with other users via a simple url/email.


Customized reporting thresholds can be set for individual use-case requirements. Actively monitor systems to maximize response efficacy.


ClearPix Web Managed Services Platform
ClearPix Web Managed System

The ClearPix Web Managed System is a powerful Web-enabled video management platform that delivers innovative solutions producing a greater return on your investment, simplifying the management of your video system, and providing a safer, more secure surveillance solution. ClearPix Web Managed Systems (CWMS) offer centralized user management with single sign-on convenience. CWMS also provides a mobile and web client that allows for easy remote connection to your recorders. This platform merges all of your video surveillance needs into a single integrated platform. CWMS saves time and money by simplifying recorder access, centralizing user management, and eliminating costs associated with recorder maintenance. It makes switching users and devices pain free, by giving you the tools needed to reduce the overhead of managing your distributed video system. CWMS simplifies managing user accounts and permissions by moving the process online, to a secure central location. Directly from the CWMS website you can edit user access to any recorder, changes are automatically applied to all impacted accounts and recorders.

  • Single Sign-On

    Centralized User Management

  • Power

    8 and 16 channel on-board PoE appliances

  • Mobile

    Mobile ready Client for both Android and Apple Devices

  • Visbility

    Online System health monitoring and reporting via ClearManage

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